wf (watch file)

wf is a python script that watches a specified file.
If the file is modified, wf launches the command you specified.

wf is free software, and is released under the GNU General Public License.


wf file command delay

watch file every 3 seconds for modifications. If is modifed wf launches Python with as argument:

wf python 3

watch histogram.png file every 5 seconds for modifications. If histogram.png is modifed wf launches eog with histogram.png as argument:

wf histogram.png eog 5


wf requires the Python programming language.

wf was developped and tested with Linux. It may also run under Microsoft-Windows.


wf v. 1


Please send any comments, suggestions and bug reports to:
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If you find it useful, please send me a nice postcard from the place where do you live.

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